Another Day

Another day, a day of grace,
Is giv’n us from on high;
The sun rejoicing runs his race
Of glory round the sky.

We love to hail him on his way,
With healing on his wings,
For every time he brings a day,
A day of grace he brings;

Of grace to weary ones, who sleep,
As homeless Jacob slept;
Of grace to penitence who weep,
As fallen Peter wept;

Grace, such as humble Mary moved
To choose the better part,
Saul’s slaughter-breathing zeal reproved,
And open’d Lydia’s heart.

Such grace be ours, howe’er the past
Have well or ill be spent;
Today, since this may be our last,
Today let us repent.

Now young and old, now great and small,
Seek we our Savior’s face,
That we hencefore this day may call
A day indeed of grace.