Jerusalem, My Happy Home

Jerusalem, my happy home,
O, how I long for thee!
When will my sorrows have an end?
Thy joys when shall I see?

Thy walls are all of precious stone,
Most glorious to behold;
Thy gates are richly set with pearl,
Thy streets are paved with gold.

Thy garden and thy pleasant walks
My study long have been.
Such dazzling views of human sight,
Have never yet been seen.

If heav’n be thus so glorious,
Lord, why should I stay from thence?
What folly’s this that I should dread
To die and go from hence.

My friends, I bid you all adieu,
I leave you in God’s care;
And if I never more see you,
Go on, I’ll meet you there.

There we shall meet, and no more part,
And heav’n shall ring with praise.
While Jesus’ love in ev’ry heart
Shall tune the song free grace.