The Market Is Open

Why stand ye here idle, my friends, all the day? 
Your moments are fleeting, they’ll soon pass away. 
The market is open, the store you may see
Then come, take in welcome, all things here are free.

Here’s mercy and pardon, here’s love and free grace,
Here’s strong consolation, here’s joy and great peace,
Here’s hope for the hopeless, the weary find rest,
Here’s all things in plenty for poor and distress’d.

Here are clothes for the naked, here all may be clad.
Here’s bread for the hungry, here souls may be:
Here’s manna from heaven, this food is divine,
Fat things full of marrow, and wine well refined.

His oil, milk, honey, aplenty in store.
Sufficient for thousands, yea, millions and more:
Here cripples are healed, the lame made to walk,
The deaf made to hear, And the dumb made to talk.

Here’s armor and weapons for soldiers to wield:
A breast-plate, a helmet, a sword, and a shield;
The poor receive riches, a crown for the head;
Here’s eternal salvation, and life for the dead.

Then come, call ye needy, ye poor and distress’d.
Come and receive freely, And be ever bless’d;
O come without money, To Jesus and buy,
Then love Him and praise Him forever on high.

Come and be forever blessed.